Cholo specialises in fine line blackwork tattoos with an attention to detail, delicacy and precision.

He found his passion through graffiti lettering back in high school and his early work was heavily influenced by this, but the more he worked with clients who requested fine line cursive lettering, he learned that this was what he excelled at.

Rhys moved from a small coastal town to the big city of Melbourne to start his tattoo career. He has now been tattooing for over a decade and has always tried to be as versatile in his tattoo styles as possible. 

He prides himself on being able to bring any idea to life no matter what the style, no matter the size. 

Kalula also known as Kate, started her creative career freelancing in graphic design and illustration. Working with mainly portraiture and mural works. “I like watching my style grow, capturing new mediums and inspirations, creating something dream state and make believe,” she says.

Michael is a bit of an all-rounder artist with over 8 years’ experience in the tattoo industry.

His work ranges from american traditional inspired colour work, to micro realism animal portraits, fine line black work, or colourful and more delicate pieces. Michael is dedicated to helping each client achieve exactly what they are looking for in a tattoo, taking into consideration the size and placement for each piece to ensure it heals well over time.

Jmunz aka J is a New Zealand born and raised artist.

Specializing in airbrushing, J built a reputation worldwide for his amazing work and was fortunate enough to meet and create detailed pieces for celebrities and athletes such as… Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Tim Cahill, and Cyril Rioli just to name a few.

After many years of airbrushing he felt like a change and decided to explore his curiosity for tattoo artistry.

Aline is a Brazilian mum of 3.

She is an international artist who is now based in Melbourne.

Art has always been her passion even before she became a tattoo artist. Before tattooing she studied and worked as an architect and is a self proclaimed master of DIY handcrafts and painting.

She began her career as a tattoo artist in 2014 and started training on her friends and herself, months later she moved to a tattoo parlour that specialised in delicate work and line work to improve her techniques.

Daniele has a background in botanical illustration and translates this experience into her delicate floral designs. Having previously worked as a fashion and textile designer, the shift to tattooing felt natural. “I’m still dressing up bodies”, she says.

Originally from China, Eagle says.

Working together with amazing clients to bring their ideas to life is the most gratifying part of being a tattooist. I’m honored to be a part of something that a client will cherish for a lifetime. Also the shop Fine Line Tattoos has an environment that brings out my creativity and I don’t want to do mediocre tattoo here.

Alienosaurus also known as M, studied Fine Arts at school.

Always at the bottom of her class she continued practising and never stopped learning new techniques to find where her passion lined in the arts.

After she graduated she found a new challenge in the form of a tattoo artist and has never looked back, M says.

Zoe (Clues Tattoos) has a strong nature influence and loves doing any animal or floral works.

With a background in fine arts, she is happy to tattoo in any style such as illustrative, fine line, custom designs, traditional/neo traditional and realism big or small.

Jess has a background in Fine Art with a Bachelor in Animation & Interactive Media. She has shown work in many gallery exhibitions across Melbourne both group and solo. You’ll always find her creating something – even in her down time!

Jess is comfortable tattooing all styles. However colour realism, water colour, dot work and fine line are her favourites. She loves all things natural/organic in shape and subject matter from birds to flowers and everything in between.

Russell has a background in illustration and has always been a big fan of tattoo art and culture.

He loves to design and tattoo illustrative blackwork as well as traditional, neo-traditional and black and red styles.

“I enjoy the process of working with a client and taking their ideas and working with them to create a piece of artwork that they love”


Dai has lived in Melbourne for seven years and is studying her masters in design.

Dai believes that everything in life can be beautiful; it just needs to be discovered. She enjoys helping clients create lasting memories in a unique way through her tattooing. Dai specialises in refined realism, colour and fine line.

Zoe started tattooing in New Zealand and joined the Fine Line team in 2020.

Zoe is quiet natured and loves a variety of styles, she expresses herself through her work.

She enjoys tattooing all different styles as it pushes her to challenge herself. Her specialty is fine line anime, illustration and custom designs.

Tara is best known for her slightly unhinged illustrations that delve into the world of surrealism. She started tattooing in Japan where she was living for some time, it was there she discovered the beauty in the weirdness of imagination which is often translated through her designs.

Tattooing is her way to communicate and connect with like minded humans, which is of the utmost importance to her practice. Connection through the unconventional is what inspires her most.